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Motivate Your Workplace

You must be the tide upon which all ships rise. Whether you are a business owner, manager, team leader or team member, you must exhibit the culture, magnetism, and personal leadership in order to become the “force of nature” to motivate your workplace. Learn how to motivate yourself as well as others in this seminar.

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Accomplish more through Project Management

Want to be more productive? Utilizing the concepts of project management can help you not only to get more done, but be more efficient with less stress as well. Learn the strategy, stages, and activities of good project management and you will be amazed at how much more you can do and not feel so overwhelmed.

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Perfect Your Decision Making Style

How to make objective decisions and avoid jumping to conclusions. Knowing whether it’s better to be cautious or courageous, developing the right mindset, analyzing blindspots and avoiding the pitfalls. Understanding the different decision making models and which one is right for you will sharpen your decision making skills.

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Overcoming Adversity Through Better Problem Solving

We all have difficulties but how do we conquer them? Using specific methods to evaluate and define a given problem, then choosing practical methods to create and implement the right solution, overcoming obstacles can be made more certain. Learn approaches, processes and answers that will help you develop more effective problem solving techniques.

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8 Ways to Master Your Communication

Learn the different styles of communication and how to plan, structure and deliver your message. Whether it’s informal or formal, person-to-person or in a group setting, you will discover various tools that will help you become a better and more intentional communicator. Remember, you are always communicating, whether you realize it or not.

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When Do I Lead; When Do I Manage?

Leading verses managing. They are not mutually exclusive. What are the differences? When do I shift from one to the other? These questions plus tips and insight into these two basic but key skills that when applied will make a dramatic difference in yourself and in the people you lead.

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7 Key Networking Strategies

Discover the strategies behind effective networking and put them to work for you. Learn the short-cuts to “know, like and trust” and build meaningful relationships in which both of you add value to the other. This is not a manipulative mindset but rather a genuine interest in another person. Not transactional but value based.

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Should I be an Entrepreneur?

In this era of job and career uncertainty, many people realize the fallacy of “job security” and wonder if they should strike out on their own.  Is entrepreneurship for you?  Find out the risks and rewards of such a venture and whether or not this is a viable alternative for you.

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