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Business & Leadership Expert

Steve Douglass is a Leadership and Business Expert with over 30 years’ experience in corporate America including tenure with several Fortune 500 companies such as Chase, GE Capital, Citigroup and Wells Fargo.  He has a background in management, sales, business analysis, training, underwriting, risk & financial review, and insurance.  He is also currently on the Board of Directors of two non-profit organizations.

These skills have been utilized for analyzing small, closely held companies, medium to enterprise level corporations, and non-profit organizations. This experience gives Steve the ability to evaluate, understand and recommend solutions for strategic vision, risk management, sales, finance and general business practices of a company.

His education includes graduating in Commercial Finance and Risk Management from GE Capital; studying banking at The American Institute of Banking, and studying mechanical engineering at Corning College.  He has numerous certifications in sales, banking, business analysis, and commercial lending, plus he’s attended various seminars and workshops and has had personal coaching.

When Steve meets with a client and if it is determined that additional input is needed, he has access to a number of experts in various disciplines of business.  He will meet with small to medium sized businesses, enterprise level corporations, as well as non-profit organizations.


“During his tenure here (citicapital), he grew an organic portfolio…as well as led several commercial finance programs, including our flagship programs with Oracle and Dimension Data.  He was involved on some transactions from “cradle to grave”, thus ensuring Citi’s profitability on these deals.”

Dave S. – CitiCapital

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