Steve Douglass Consulting offers one-on-one professional business consulting, coaching, mentoring and training.


Steve Douglass Consulting services offers a broad range of business consulting and coaching.

Individual Coaching is available for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Team members
  • Supervisors & Managers
  • Executives
  • Owners
  • Board members

Business Consulting is available for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small shops
  • Medium sized companies
  • Enterprise-level national & global corporations
  • Non-profit organizations

Steve can provide the objectivity, insight, tools and experience needed to deliver the solutions that your business needs. Whether the answers needed are in the strategic direction your company is taking, or in the implementation of your plan, or in risk management, sales or other operational function, Steve can be the catalyst providing the desired change to take your business to the next level.


Why should you hire a consultant?  A consultant can bring a high level of expertise in one or several areas. The solutions they can deliver often more than pay for themselves in reduced costs, increased productivity, and other tangible benefits. In addition, consultants can often see the “big picture” objectively.  Identifying opportunities for improving your business that you may not have considered.

For example, you may believe that your company isn’t doing well because sales are down, however a good consultant can determine if decreased sales is the root cause or just a symptom of something deeper. A consultant will listen to you and develop an understanding of your organization, its culture, its product or service, its processes, and of course, its people.

If you don’t know for a fact that you are maximizing the full potential of your business, then you likely need a consultant. A consultant can bring great value to your organization by bringing temporary or on-going expertise that supplements, not supplants, your staff, which gains efficiency. After all, isn’t one of your goals to increase capacity and efficiency?

Consultants bring you a wealth of skills and experience at an affordable price when compared to the expense of hiring staff with similar skills. Consultants can provide expertise and resources that you or your organization may not possess, and do the things that your qualified staff simply doesn’t have the time to do.

As a member of the Association of Independent Business Consultants, as well as The Business Consulting Group, Steve has access to many resources from experts in their respective fields. This, combined with his own background of over 30 years in corporate America, including tenure with four Fortune 500 companies, allows him to understand businesses from a strategic, managerial and operative viewpoint.


The difference between consulting and coaching is that coaching is more individual in nature. As a business coach, Steve will work with you to bring out what’s already inside of you, and to help you improve your business by improving your business skills, in areas such as accountability, planning, organization, brainstorming, focus, follow-up, beliefs, motivation, structure, time management, stress reduction, and vision. As a consultant, Steve will work with you on areas such as business planning and execution, leadership, delegation, service/product offerings and pricing, lead generation, sales, marketing, project planning, business systems, and finance.

Just like in sports, every player has a coach who works with that player’s particular approach to the game verses all the approaches that the coach has seen, and can make recommendations based on his/her experience and the player’s natural gifts. Business coaching is much the same. Capitalize on your strengths and delegate/outsource your weaknesses. Especially if you are an entrepreneur, you need to leverage your time, your strengths and your resources.  Business Coaching can take a good player and make them great.

Business Solutions

As a business executive or manager, what keeps you up at night? If its business related, perhaps Steve can help. With a background in risk management, business analysis and sales, plus over 30 years’ experience, Steve can provide the insight that you need. Some of the areas Steve can address are vision statements, mission and values, strategic planning & implementation, risk management, financial review, sales, lead generation, negotiating & closing, marketing, donor relations, re-engineering systems and processes, and general business practices.

When was the last time you reviewed your business plan or your strategic initiatives? Are your activities congruent with your stated mission and values?  Many times when executives and managers are being pulled in several different directions, and they feel overwhelmed and are losing control, they discover that many of their activities are not in line with their stated mission and values. Like a compass heading, a vision statement, mission statement and values statement point to the direction where you and your company should be headed. Are some of your activities off course?  Perhaps you may simply need to curtail those actions. A review of your business plan and strategic objectives can shed light onto the relevancy of your activities.

Do you have anyone in your organization that is responsible for risk management? Risk management is an ever growing concern at companies of all sizes. A top priority among many executives, board members and managers is to gain insight into and control over both internal and external risk factors. Some of these business risks may be financial, market driven, legal, credit, operational, IT, brand, reputation, regulatory, safety, compliance, HR, systems, environmental, securities, and political risk factors. Have you had a risk analysis done on your business? A Business Analysis Report is one tool that will help you to gauge your exposure in this vitally important area.

How about your sales department? Typically, 80% of your revenue is driven by 20% of your sales force. Wouldn’t you like to improve that number? Steve can review your sales processes, people and product or service to determine where improvements need to be made, so that not only can more of your individual sales team members improve their numbers (and your total revenue will increase as well) but there may be additional sources of revenue available to you.

For your executive retreats, Steve can provide customized seminars and workshops as well as keynote speeches, to not only enhance but provide the needed direction, ideas and tools that can become a catalyst for needed change in your organization.

Contact Steve by calling (717) 538-4090 to discuss your situation and set-up an assessment meeting to see if he is right for you and your organization.

Seminars & Workshops

Do you have an Employee Development Program? Do you view such a program as an expense or an investment? Have you sent people to training seminars without really knowing what to expect in return? Without measurable results, it’s hard to view training as anything but an expense.

What would happen if you viewed training as a capital investment? First of all, you would want to know what type of ROI you could expect. What would such a Return look like? A good place to start is taking some time to think this through.  Yes, this will involve some time on your end; part of your “investment decision” or really an outcome analysis. Ask yourself what is the change that you would like to see in your employees as a result of training? This will require you to take the time to focus more on your process than your product or service.

As you go through this analysis, consider both the strengths and weaknesses in your company and try to identify the deficiencies that, when corrected, would represent a potential upside gain for your business.

A common area for improvement is helping supervisors better manage for performance. Many people are promoted into managerial positions because they are technically good at their jobs, but they are not trained as managers to help their subordinates achieve peak performance.

Determining your training and development needs based on targeted results is only the beginning. The next step is to establish a learning dynamic for your company. In today’s economy, if your business isn’t learning, then you are going to fall behind. A business learns as its people learn. Contact Steve today for more information on seminars and workshops.

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